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Welcome to the Ameen Diabetic Association website.
Ameen Diabetic Association is a Professional Partner of Diabetes Australia.



Issues are graded by the seriousness of their impact on society. To list only a few, blindness, heart diseases, Kidney failure and non-traumatic limb amputation are in most caused by diabetes in our country.
For the cause of saving Diabetic peoples lives, Ameen Diabetic Association was established in June 2001 at Karachi, with the slogan of assuring the present & improving the future of diabetes care in pakistan.
By the end of 2002 ADA was providing high standard diabetes care at 4 major hospital in different areas of Karachi.
Till 2003 a central location was selected provisionally for establishment of a complete diabetic institute.
By the Mercy of God & didicated efforts of Ameen Diabetic Association till the end of 2004 a fullfleshed state of the art Diabetic institute was established at centre of Karachi & the Association was awarded proffessional partnership of diabetes Australia in recognitin of the standard services the Association provides since its establishment.
Facilities ranging from diabetic consultation, diet & excersise education till tertiary care is provided for couping with major problems related to diabetes at the new institute.
Innovative projects like insulin Bank, Subsidised drug pharmacy & lab Services at Ameen Diabetic Association are projects showing Associations comitment with its goals.

The facility of a stats of art dental care unit at Ameen Diabetic Association is a centre of excellence for latest treatment of dental & oral problems for diabetic & other patients as well.
The establishment of world class seminar hall in vicintiy of the institute is ment for conducting scholorly seminars & training work shops for general practitioners ,Specialist, Physians & patients as well & it will prove a mile stone in uplifting the standards of Diabetic care in Pakistan.


President's Message

Three years ago, we made a promise to ourselves and to the people of our community that we would evolve our programs and services and offer life saving treatments that have traditionally only been offered in tertiary care centers only. Today, I am honoured to say that we are delivering on this promise.
After four year of dedicated hard work, In January, 2005 we opened our new Diabetes and Dental Care Center projects of Amen Diabetic Association. With our Diabetes and dental Care centers up and running, we have now set our sights on building a Regional Diabetes Centre that will serve the close to one billion people who live in Karachi. Working closely with Diabetes Australia, we've set an ambitious goal to start certificate courses and CME workshops by late 2005.
Although we have invested much time on the development of programs that provide advanced level services for people throughout the Region and beyond, we haven't stopped evolving the programs that serve our immediate community. Our Emergency Department will soon be three times its size, and this is just part of a bigger Redevelopment project that will make Ameen Diabetic Association comfortable, more hospitable place for its patients and their families.
With all this change, awareness and communication has become key. As such, we have designed this web site to give you and the people we serve quick, up-to-date information about our programs, services and highly skilled staff. As always, your questions and feedback are very important to us,so please feel free to contact us info@diabetes.org.pk if you have a comment or require additional information.
On behalf of Ameen Diabetic Association its staff, physicians and volunteers, welcome to our web site.


Mrs. Amin Begum
Ameen Diabetic Association


Director's Message

Welcome to the Ameen Diabetic Association.
The Diabetes Care Center and Dental Care Center are comprehensive centers, recognized as a world leader in patient care, in medical education, and in research to preserve and restore Diabetic and Oral Health. For over 4 years, our physician-investigators and scientists have actively searched for causes, preventive measures, and most effective treatments for diseases and disorders of the Diabetes.

Ameen Diabetic Asociation has earned national and international recognition for its comprehensive programs in patient care, research in diabetes sciences, Diabetes education and outreach to the community. We are particularly proud of the physicians, scientists, and technicians whom we have trained who are now leaders in the local community.
The faculty and staff at Ameen Diabetic Asociation embrace the challenge to continue to foster innovative and groundbreaking advances in research, clinical care, and education necessary to diagnose and treat Diabetes and Oral Health. I invite you to explore our growing website for information on patient services, Diabetes and Oral Health, our faculty, vision research, and educational and training programs.


Dr.Muhammed Aqeel Baig



Vice President's Messege

It is a paradox of our time that just as the concept of separate diabetes care- centre has become a necessity for standard treatment of diabetic patients world wide, the demand for providing basic standard treatment of diabetes & its complications are not met effectively by concerned authorities.
The nation that standaraised care for diabetic can bring about tremendous results stems from the outcomes of the trials & studies conducted in the developed countries at the end of the 20th century.
The outcomes of DCCT, UKPDS & ATP III have determined the goals & standards of effective diabetic control i.e. F.b.S< , R.B.S < 130 & B.P 110/70 if any diabetic nephropathy co exists.

I on behalf Ameen Diabetic Association invite all concerned for joint struggle to save 8 million diabetics of our country from further blindness, kidney failure(nephropathy), heart diseases & Limb amputations by improving the standard diabetic care in Pakistan following the international guide lines for treatment & prevention of diabetes & its complications.
May God help us to achieve our goals –Ameen

Dr. Nazia Aqeel

Vice President
Ameen Diabetic Association


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