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Welcome to the Ameen Diabetic Association website.
Ameen Diabetic Association is a Professional Partner of Diabetes Australia.



About this Clinic
The Diabetes Care Center consists of caring, motivated, and highly trained professionals working together to provide comprehensive diabetes care, education, nutrition advice, and support in a friendly atmosphere.
Our Qualified physicians are all specialists in diabetes care and offer an unmatched combination of clinical and research experience.
The center offers specialized treatment and patient education from diabetes nurse specialists and diabetes nutrition specialists, all of whom are certified diabetes educators. Our center's nurse practitioner provides additional expertise in diabetes management and urgent care, and has a special interest in health issues for women with diabetes.
The Diabetes Care Center also has a full-time pharmacist who specializes in diabetes provides advice and assistance with medications. Our health-care providers have an exceptional staff of patient service representatives, medical assistants, and administrative professionals.

Specialty Services
The Diabetes Care Center provides state-of-the-art care to people who have diabetes. Our team approach provides complete care to help our patients and their families lead healthy, satisfying lives.
We have ready access to the specialty services that our patients need for eyes, kidneys, nerves, heart, and blood vessels and to the diabetes in pregnancy program.

Our Team Approach
Coping successfully with diabetes requires specific skills, knowledge, a positive outlook, and confidence in your health-care providers. Our health-care team includes physicians, a nurse practitioner, pharmacists, nurse educators, nutritionists, and mental health experts who specialize in diabetes treatment. By taking a team approach we can best meet your individual needs. Your team members provide support and information to incorporate diabetes management into all aspects of your life.

Medical Treatment
We emphasize the ongoing care of your diabetes and any associated medical problems. We are engaged in the early detection and prevention of complications from your diabetes and we can take advantage of the extensive testing and diagnostic services within Ameen Diabetic Association to help in this important aspect of your care.

Diabetes Education

Living successfully with diabetes means becoming an active participant in your treatment. We teach you how to manage your diabetes because you are your most important care giver. Our program ranges from the basics of diabetes management to more complex techniques of intensive insulin therapy and insulin pump use. Our nurse educators and nutritionists are experts at teaching you to manage your diabetes.
Diabetes education is available in group classes and in individual sessions. Our physicians and educators will help you decide on the best educational plan for you. We are Professional Partners of Diabetes Australia.

Nutrition Counseling
A nutritional program specifically tailored to your needs is an essential part of diabetes care. Through individual or family meetings with our nutritionist, you'll create an individualized meal plan and learn how to manage your nutrition.

Psychosocial Issues
Diabetes is a chronic condition. It can be difficult both for patients and for their families. Coping successfully with diabetes requires skills and know-how, as well as a positive outlook. At the Diabetes Care Center we believe that maintaining a positive attitude is an important part of good blood glucose control. We work closely with colleagues in the Department of Psychiatry who see patients in our center each week.

Care providers
Consultant Physicians

Dr. Muhammed Aqeel Baig
MBBS (Dow), Dip. Diabetalogy (UK),
DCPS (Pak), MRACMA (Australia),
Director Ameen Diabetic Association.
Mobile # 0345-2004241

Associate Director



Diabetes Educator

Nurse Practitioner
Maryam Mushataq

Incharge Diabetes Education and Nutrition Department


Miss. Faiza

Chief Supervisor
MR. Muhammed

Senior Administrator & Accounts

Computer & IT Dept.


Cardiac Care Clinic
  • The Diabetic Heart Clinic is run at the centre with the help of leading cardiologist.
  • The centre has facilities for Computerized ECG and Cardiac Stress Testing with a Computerised Treadmill and EchoCardiography.
  • This helps early detection of Diabetic heart problems.
  • Special tests to determine the future risk of developing coronary heart disease
Eye Care Clinic

Eye Department

The Ophthalmology unit has facilities for routine screening of patients for the early diagnosis of Diabetic Eye Disease (Retinopathy). This enables the patient to have prompt attention and prevents blindness.
Operation theatre department for emergency and elective surgery


Foot Care Clinic
Foot Lab/ Department Of Podiatry

The Diabetic Foot Clinic of Ameen diabetic Association provides routine integrated examination of the feet of diabetic patients. The services of the clinic include education of the patient in practical aspects of foot care. The early recognition of feet at risk and foot complication is emphasized and special advice is given about selection of footwear.
Impotence Clinic
Impotence and infertility, two conditions with growing significance, are addressed within Andrology, a urologic subspecialty concentrating on male sexual dysfunction.
The Impotence clinic at Ameen Diabetic Association offers state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment for impotence. Advanced diagnostic evaluation permits the differentiation between physical and psychological causes utilizing multidisciplinary approach when indicated. For our patients with impotence of physical causes, there are several treatment programs available. These programs include non-surgical as well as surgical treatments. Non-surgical treatments include the urethral suppository, penile self-injection therapy and vacuum device therapy. The, sex therapy and counselling are also available by specialists affiliated with the specialist outpatient clinic.

In addition to clinical care and research in erectile dysfunction, the clinic has been actively involved in the management of other sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation, libido disorders and female sexual dysfunction.



The Department of Biochemistry headed by well qualified pathologist provides specialized investigatory facilities, which include all biochemical investigations such as blood glucose, kidney function tests, liver function tests, electrolytes, hormonal tests and blood lipid profiles. The salient features of the laboratory are:

1) Availability of a 24-hour service using the latest auto analyzers for biochemistry with in-built quality control assessment program.

2) Specific assays for glycosylated hemoglobin and microalbuminuria.

The department is equipped with Hitachi 911 and 912 series of biochemistry analyzers with 40 channels both having 360 tests output per hour. These auto analysers have provision for built-in quality control check, facilities for error detection and provision for emergency test samples. The sample and reagent volumes are very low. This reduces the need to have large blood volumes, even when the tests requested are many. The facility to do turbidimetry assays enables performance of specialised tests for HbA1, microalbuminuria, apolipoproteins etc.
Laboratory results are made available within hours and are being used for regular clinical assessment of the patients. Laboratory procedures and methods are subjected to rigorous quality control measures, both by daily QC and cumulative QC methods involving internal and external quality control procedures by highly trained and competent biochemists and technical staff.
Biochemical Research Studies on insulin metabolism, endothelial dysfunction, kidney diseases, cardiovascular disease and on the metabolic syndrome are being carried out. Currently four research students are working for Mphil., in Biochemistry. The research topics include Insulin Metabolism in Clinical and Preclinical Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome in Pakistani’s and Biochemistry of diabetic complications.


Dietetics & Nutrition
In this department the diet which the patients are taking is analysed and then proper advice is given in order to get good diabetic control.

Models and charts have been displayed which help in proper understanding of the various aspects of diet control. The diet is supplied to the inpatients according to their requirements and this is done under the supervision of the dietary department.

Kidney Care Clinic
High Risk Kidney Project aims at screening the patients with the risk of developing kidney disease and strictly monitoring and counselling them to prevent the onset of end stage renal failure. The department is equipped with Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor, - A Novel device, which monitors the 24 hours blood pressure measurements.
The department also undertakes advanced research studies in the fields of endothelial dysfunction, major drug trials for introducing new and better drugs for treating renal complications and basic projects to prevent and treat diabetic nephropathy.

Diabetes Education

Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder. Individuals affected by diabetes need to learn self-management skills and make life style changes to manage diabetes effectively and avoid or delay the complications associated with this disorder. For these reasons, self-management education is the cornerstone of treatment for people with diabetes.
The diabetes education imparted by the department may be called "Self management training and Self management education" as well as diabetes patient education. The following unique services are offered by us:

  • Interactive Lecture Sessions & Audiovisual Presentation in English, urdu
  • Individual Counselling and Diet Advice.
  • Diabetes Education Gallery
  • Books on Diabetes in English and Urdu for sale.
  • CD ROM on Diabetes in English for sale.


Diabetes Prevention
This Department of Ameen Diabetic association for Prevention of Diabetes was started to detect individuals who are at high risk of developing diabetes and monitoring abnormalities in glucose tolerance and to start early intervention aimed at achieving our primary goal of prevention of diabetes.

This department advises primary preventive measures to subjects at high risk of developing diabetes and its complications. This is applicable to all new patients and persons who are detected of being at high risk of developing diabetes (such as offspring of diabetic parents, IGT subjects) and its complications.


Epidemiology Department of Ameen Diabetic Association has been involved in several pioneering studies on diabetes and its complications. The results of the studies have been published in peer-reviewed international journals and have been widely acclaimed as of high quality and being highly informative about the prevalence and incidence of diabetes mellitus and its complications in developing countries.

The studies being conducted by the centre have not only provided prevalence rates of several disorders Pakistani’s, but also have helped to identify the associated risk variables. The findings have great potentials for evolving preventive strategies for the diseases under study.


Oro-Dental Hygiene
The department ensures that oral manifestations of diabetes mellitus are detected early and comprehensively treated and there is proper interaction of dental and medical treatment in a diabetic patient, apart from carrying out research.

Medical records Department

Medical records of all patients since 2001 is maintained meticulously. During the last few years the records have been computerized and it is possible to retrieve the case sheet of any patient in a short time.

Department of Electronic Data Processing - The Hospital Computer Network
This Department is Headed by highly dedicated person Mr. Abdul Mohsin.

All the procedures after a patient is registered are operated through a structured computer network system. This includes appointment, registration, medical records, requisitions for lab tests, outpatient & inpatient billing, laboratory results, admission and discharges, administrative and financial accounting etc.
  • 24 hour pharmacy service
  • Special discounts on Glucometer, Strips, Insulin's and Insulin Pens.
  • Other medicines are also available on discounted price.
  • Out patient dispensing and medication counseling to ambulatory patients.
  • Clinical Pharmacy services to inpatients and day therapy patients.
  • Ordering of stock and inventory control of pharmaceuticals.

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